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Wednesday 3 June 2020

Colorobbia Indonesia is equipped with modern facilities such as our design, analysis and R&D laboratories and the technical support laboratories for our customers in Indonesia and South-East Asia.

The purpose of this is to offer expert technical advice, which is essential for building a unique relationship with our customers that does not end the moment the product is delivered, but remains active throughout the product’s useful life.

Through these specific services and support our aim is to personalize the supply, offer more than just a standard service and achieve the customer’s full satisfaction within the context of a long-term relationship.

Colorobbia Indonesia therefore provides its customers with its own technological resources, collaborative capacity, suggestions and support and promotes the innovation of the product as a whole.

Since its beginning Colorobbia Indonesia has believed in the advantages of being close to its customers and these advantages are based on a deep knowledge of the needs of the market and of all ceramic manufacturers. This knowledge has allowed Colorobbia Indonesia to develop quality products that have, since its start-up, immediately received commercial acceptance and full satisfaction from all customers.

Colorobbia Indonesia employ in all different division of its organization highly qualified professional that are a real asset for all customers assuring total quality, speed, flexibility and bringing high added value to our and your industrial process.

Colorobbia Indonesia, with its new plant in Cikarang-Bekasi can now make the difference: extending an un-precedent level of service and cooperation with each and every one of its customers in the South-East Asia area – technical assistance, technical know-how transfer, project development, and after sales service will guarantee the foundation of a strong and solid partnership between Colorobbia Indonesia and its clients.