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Friday 10 July 2020

Colorobbia Indonesia is part of Gruppo Colorobbia, a dynamic and global company, present in the world of ceramics for almost a century.

Advanced technology, continous research and the internationalization of the production of the different companies allow day by day for the strengthening of the group on the main ceramic markets.

Colorobbia Indonesia

  • Was set up in 2001.
  • Start of production was set for 2008.

Colorobbia Indonesia

Now, the Gruppo Colorobbia through Indonesia can offer its customers in Indonesia and South-East Asia a more complete and comprehensive service of technical assistance, design and technological consulting advice that don’t stop with product delivery.

Moral and ethical values
Colorobbia Indonesia


Training for our people
More than 70 employees


Professional environment
Professionally developed


Working conditions
Safe and healthy conditions

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Our frits are developed using a selection of the world’s best raw materials, which undergo high-temperature fusion during production.

Glazes, crystallines and engobes for full-field application are the most widely-used materials in the industrial and artistic ceramics sector.

Colorobbia Cinks

Colorobbia Indonesia’s Customer Support Laboratory is always on hand to help its customers choose the best material according to the technology and application to be used and the desired technical and aesthetic result.


Colorobbia Indonesia is equipped with modern facilities such as our design, analysis and R&D laboratories and the technical support laboratories for our customers in Indonesia and South-East Asia.


Colorobbia Indonesia is able to observe and become familiar with the aesthetic needs of different international markets, thus allowing it to develop more competitive products... » read more

Colorobbia Indonesia has always paid particular attention to research, selection and the implementation of innovative technical proposals in the development of new products... » read more

As a whole our research activities are carried out on different levels with different but absolutely complementary and synergic structures, purposes and organizations... » read more